Imasse Classroom Dashboards

Saturday, September 2, 2023

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Imasse, has now launched Imasse Classroom Dashboards built right into the Imasse Classroom extension that allows educators to see how Imasse is directly impacting their school day by day.

These dashboards provide a day by day breakdown of how much money has been made through searches on Imasse. In addition to the amount of money being made each day, educators can see how many searches students made through Imasse for the given time period. Currently Imasse Classroom Dashboards provide free analytics that show data for the previous 90 days and can be accessible from any device. Note that these dashboards are deleted after 90 days.

Dashboards can easily be exported for data analysis or financial records from within the dashboard by either selecting “Print PDF” or “Download CSV” located in the top right corner of the dashboards page.

“We aim to provide transparent information in regards to how we raise money for every school,” said Luke Pisano, CEO of IMASSE, LLC. “These dashboards allow us to show exactly how many searches a school has made and how these searches directly correlate to donations.”

Imasse Classroom Dashboards are now available for free for all schools that use Imasse Classroom. To view a demo dashboard visit If you have any questions about this change do not hesitate to reach out to [email protected].