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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Imasse work?

Imasse works just like any other search engine, providing you with all the information you want in a simple, fast and user-friendly format. What sets us apart from other search engines is the profits we make from search ads we donate back to education programs around the world. On average every 180 searches you make through Imasse raises $1 for non-profits such as Build On and Pencils of Promise.

Where do we get our search results?

To ensure our users are receiving the best search experience, we use Yahoo search results for all web results as well as Microsoft Bing for all Images, Videos, and News results. We do this to make sure our search results are just as good as your current search engine but with one difference, we donate these profits to education programs around the world.

What is !cite?

!cite is a built in MLA citation generator that is one simple search away. Just type in !cite followed by any website url such as “!cite” This will result in a full MLA citation perfect for research papers and all types of works which might require citations. See how it works.

How to filter credible results?

The Imasse Search Engine is focused on being a research focused search engine with the ability to filter results based on credibility. To do this you can select the tab documents after completing any search. This will show only results from credible research universities as well as government websites which have been deemed credible by Imasse. These results are perfect for any research you might do as they ensure the information you find is credible.

What is Imasse Change Browser?

Imasse Change Browser is a full featured web browser similar to Google Chrome but with one difference, by using the browser you raise money for various non-profits solving world problems through education. Imasse Change Browser is a free web browser available on both the IOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Does Imasse collect my information?

We take our users' privacy very seriously. Because of this we only collect the needed information in order to perform tasks. We don’t store any of this information on our servers but instead only pass this information to our 3rd parties when needed. For more information on our privacy practices please visit our Privacy policy.

How do I make Imasse my default?

To make Imasse your default you can download the Imasse Search Extension which is available on the Chrome Web Store. If you are looking to use Imasse on your mobile devices you can download the Imasse Change Browser, with the Imasse Search Engine built right in for both IOS and Android.